Sci-Tech Daresbury

High Performance Computing and Big data

Sci-Tech Daresbury is a hub for high performance computing and big data analytics. High performance computing, or supercomputing, provides game-changing opportunities for both high-tech industry and academic researchers. These capabilities can have a huge impact on many sectors; from healthcare and environment to finance and engineering. -Tech Daresbury is home to the UK’s fastest supercomputer with the performance of 1.4 Petaflops (equivalent to around one million iPods)

In a world increasingly driven by data, the ability to harness and extract new insights from it is key to competitive and societal advantage. We are also looking to the future, developing new energy efficient and cognitive computing techniques and software.

The campus is at the very forefront of these innovation-enabling technologies. Through our partners based at Sci-Tech Daresbury, you can access:

  • Big data analytics capabilities to extract insight from structured or unstructured, live streaming or dormant datasets
  • Software development and optimisation expertise, including access to commercial and open scientific or simulation codes
  • Flexible or pay-as-you-go use of a world-class high performance computing infrastructure and associated technical support
  • Development of bespoke virtual prototyping, modelling and simulation technologies
  • Collaboration opportunities with renowned international research excellence through STFC and its partners such as CERN, ESRF and the European Space Agency (ESA).
  • Immersive 3D visualisation suites, computer training rooms and lecturing facilities
  • Training and skills events to enable your organisation to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by HPC, visualisation and big data

STFC Hartree Centre

The STFC Hartree Centre is home to one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world dedicated to industrial engagement. It combines access to world-class HPC facilities with the hands-on know-how of STFC’s Scientific Computing Department and IBM’s data analytics technology and expertise. Backed by over £170 million of government funding and with significant strategic partnerships with organisations such as IBM and Unilever, the centre applies the most technically advanced HPC innovations from the research community to real life challenges, driving performance and boosting value for UK industry. It also hosts an array of energy efficient computing technologies and expertise, and is collaborating with IBM to develop and exploit innovations from data-intensive and cognitive computing architectures, tools and software.
The Hartree Centre collaborates with industrial clients and research partners on projects that enable them to produce better outcomes, products and services – faster and cheaper than conventional R&D workflows. Its other services include software development and optimisation, flexible on-demand HPC access and hands-on training.

STFC Scientific Computing Department

Providing large scale HPC facilities, computing data services and infrastructure at both Daresbury Laboratory and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, the Scientific Computing Department includes world leading experts in a number of fields. These include systems administration and hosting of systems, data services, applications development (in Biology and Life Science, Engineering and Environment, Computational Physics and Computational Chemistry) and cross-cutting technologies including parallelisation, optimisation and porting, numerical analysis, software engineering and visualisation.

The Department has 180 staff across Sci-Tech Daresbury and its sister campus Harwell Oxford, providing seamless access to expertise across both locations.

Virtual Engineering Centre

The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) works to support the Northwest aerospace sector and wider industry by providing a focal point for leading and emergent virtual engineering technology, research and expertise.
A partnership between the University of Liverpool and STFC, the VEC is located at Daresbury Laboratory and combines in-house multi-disciplinary and partner expertise with emerging technologies to enhance customer capabilities. Through its partnership with the Hartree Centre, the VEC offers an exemplar in the industrial exploitation of science and technology infrastructure.

For more information about campus capabilities in high performance computing please contact:
Michael Gleaves – Hartree Centre Head of Business Development
T: 01925 603710