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IBM is a globally recognised software developer offering the latest insight in to the world of research and development. With more than 20,000 employees in the UK alone, it is bringing innovative solutions to a diverse client base and helping to solve some of their toughest business challenges.

As it looks to expand its UK output and engage with more high specification businesses, Sci-Tech Daresbury, home to over 100 specialist small and medium enterprises (SMEs), has become the prime location for future growth.

Since making the move to Daresbury, IBM has made significant investment into the campus, transforming it into one of its leading locations across the country.

Their work includes the creation of their multi million pound IBM Research Centre, a world class knowledge hub and a first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

IBM’s presence has brought international industry experts to Sci-Tech Daresbury, adding to the already comprehensive offering of business professionals, and creating opportunities for SMEs to use and benefit from globally leading technology.

Combined with the technology at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)-run Hartree Centre, the IBM Research Centre offers a full package for companies to leverage world-leading technology at their fingertips.

IBM will be at the forefront of further research into Big Data, not only in the North West but nationally as well.

More than £100m has been promised to expand the Hartree Centre at the Daresbury Laboratory over the next five years with IBM providing further support for the project with a package of technology and onsite expertise worth up to £200 million.

Their work with IBM includes the creation of two supercomputers with one computer, Blue Joule, being the fastest and most energy efficient in the UK.

A main member of Sci-Tech Daresbury’s “Gold Partners” scheme to upskill SMEs in business support services, IBM has gained access to over 100 new business opportunities located on the campus.

The programme has ensured that IBM’s solutions, services and cloud offerings are available to SME organisations to assist them in achieving their goals. IBM has been a proud partner since the scheme was introduced in 2012.

IBM has a strong focus on the SME sector and develops highly flexible and bespoke relationships with individual SMEs. Having spotted a real opportunity in the life sciences, engineering and materials chemistry industries, the company is looking to engage with companies on campus.

Working with Sci-Tech Daresbury, it has formed a strong partnership to deliver advice and guidance to businesses on site.

The initiative also supports campus companies with access to IBM experts and mentoring to identify where they can use technology to develop their businesses and drive growth.