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Case Study:

Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of high performance end-to-end solutions for computer data servers, storage facilities, and hyper-converged infrastructure with offices in Israel, California and Sci-Tech Daresbury.

Mellanox offers firms increased data efficiency by delivering data faster to applications and unlocking system performance capability.

In 2014 Mellanox joined Sci-Tech Daresbury with the goal of exploring new opportunities and methodologies for collaborating with small growing businesses as well as multinational corporations.

The venture has allowed for partnerships to form between Mellanox and other Sci-Tech Daresbury firms, forging a path for collaborations on projects.

For example, in 2015, Mellanox teamed up with IBM, NVIDIA and the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC’s) Hartree Centre to create the POWER Acceleration and Design Centre (PADC), which now teaches businesses how to use supercomputers in order to boost productivity.

It is one of the few locations where the PADCs are available. Other locations include Montpellier, France and Julich, Germany.

Having full access to the Hartree Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury has allowed Mellanox to leverage the latest supercomputing technologies without incurring the costs of building additional company infrastructure.

It has also enabled Mellanox to increase its knowledge base and demonstrate to potential customers the many benefits of working with Mellanox solutions.

Through its work with Mellanox, Sci-Tech Daresbury has been able to forge new links with other high-performance companies based in Israel, thereby encouraging further opportunities for UK-Israel technology collaborations.

“Having access to resources like the Hartree Centre and its supercomputer has enabled us to not only establish new commercial opportunities but also to develop mutually beneficial relationships with other Sci-Tech Daresbury firms.”

“Mellanox continues to reinvent the technology landscape of how data is delivered. We believe that this on-going collaboration between the Hartree Centre and Mellanox will benefit our business initiatives, enable Mellanox to push technology boundaries and ultimately, improve the human condition,” said, Gilad Shainer, VP of Marketing at Mellanox.