Lab & Office Space Manchester

If you are an innovative high-tech business looking to work in an internationally recognised Science and Innovation Campus, based near Manchester, you should consider the laboratories and office spaces and excellent facilities at Sci-Tech Daresbury. Since its establishment in 2006, Sci-Tech Daresbury has gone from strength-to-strength, and has become one of the leading science and innovation campuses in the UK and across the globe.

Sci-Tech Daresbury has continuously grown since its formation, through its cutting-edge research and on-site development, ­­as well as integrating an open innovation model.

We strongly encourage any business to consider joining the science and innovation campus near the Manchester area, as they will be in the company of a collection of like-minded, innovative and talented businesses. We believe this offers and encourages collaboration between businesses that decide to position themselves on the campus, and it consequently acts as a catalyst for growth between its tenants.

The Campus

Available Lab & Office Space

The Sci-Tech Daresbury Campus has approximately 1200 occupants, with nearly 500 of them being scientists that work across a variety of disciplines. Similarly, Sci-Tech Daresbury is home to over 100 national and international high-tech companies who find the facilities highly productive for their innovation and work.

Within our five multi-occupied buildings we offer a variety of spaces to rent. Our spaces can adhere to any of your business’s needs, for example, we have laboratories suitable for small start-ups and for larger companies that will require entire floor office spaces alongside.

Our buildings display stunning architectural design, as well as high-quality reception and catering facilities which provide an excellent all-inclusive work setting. These spaces range from office spaces to laboratories and workshops, and are available to rent on an ongoing basis or a short-term basis.

We understand that each company worldwide has unique needs depending on their various stages of development, and we have catered our facilities to this by having a range of buildings. Our buildings offer every need and eventuality from our lab space, whole floor offices and a building that provides spaces for start-ups with one to two employees. We believe this best allows your company to grow and develop, as our site will develop with you and provide your business with the surrounding it needs throughout.


The campus is ideally located for any business looking to relocate to the area near Manchester or to expand beyond the city. Located a short distance from Liverpool and Manchester Airport, the Sci-Tech Daresbury Campus stands in Cheshire between Runcorn and Warrington. Daresbury is an area recognised for its picturesque setting, impressive housing and most notably, its parish Church.

Surrounded by the charming setting of Daresbury, the campus offers a great setting both on and off-site. The countryside surrounding the park stand as a refreshing alternative to the innovative spaces catered to high-tech businesses.

We firmly believe that Sci-Tech Daresbury is a leading laboratories and office facility, ideal for ambitious and innovative national and international companies in need of lab and/or office space. We would love to discuss whether our facilities are suited for you, and work together to find which laboratories or office spaces are the right fit for your business. Please feel free contact us by email on, or give us a call on 01925 607 000 to discuss your business or to organise a visit to the site.