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Trilliant Networks Partners with GLOBAL-365 PLC to Add Sustainable Prepayment Capabilities

Trilliant, the key technology provider of the most widely used AMI solution in the UK and a global provider of IoT and smart energy communications solutions, has partnered with GLOBAL-365 PLC to enhance their Smart Meter System Operator (SMSO) cloud-hosted solution with SMARTprepay.

SMARTprepay is a cost-effective, customer-centric, and sustainable technology solution that benefits both the energy provider and the end-user by offering multiple prepayment methods, eliminating misapplied payments, and is key to reducing suppliers’ administrative costs. This allows some of the most vulnerable people in society the opportunity to have more affordable energy bills.

“We’re delighted to work with Trilliant,” commented William Wilson CEO of GLOBAL-365 PLC. “We are combining our strengths to deliver commercial benefits for energy companies, but with an equally strong focus on delivering a moral and social impact. Our leading-edge technology, our reputation for using innovation to improve quality of life and environmental sustainability, and our global ambition make us a powerful team to deliver change.”

By partnering with GLOBAL-365 PLC’s SMARTprepay solution, Trilliant SMSO platform can provide full traceability for the end user and energy supplier, thereby reducing the cost to serve and providing peace of mind by allowing extra credit balance to be obtained.

“This partnership enables depth and choice to energy suppliers and consumers,” according to Andy White Chairman and CEO of Trilliant. “This functionality allows remote top-up requests to be safely made and enables traditional point-of-sale points while saving money which can be passed along to the consumer. With our combined expertise we are delivering a solution that meets current market requirements and provides the platform for innovation in a sector that has traditionally been ignored.”

The SMARTprepay service was developed in partnership with the Science and Technology Facilities Council, with cybersecurity as a focus, using a very secure Hybrid Cloud at the core of the system.