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WAVEX microgym a double first for innovation for Industry 4.0

Award-winning product design company 4D Products is developing an exciting new portable system for fitness training, the WAVEX microgym, with free support from regional business programme which is intended to drive the Internet of Things (IoT) and fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

Sci-Tech Daresbury based 4D Products has developed the WAVEX microgym as a comprehensive and variable resistance trainer for use ‘on the move’ in the office, home or gym. It works on all parts of the body; arms, legs, shoulders, ‘bums and tums’.

Always focused on enhancing products, 4D Products’ Co-Founder and Design Director Iain McCall and his colleagues saw how WAVEX microgym could be so much more than fitness equipment. Iain said; “By linking the product using wireless technology we can create an App for the product that enables an interactive relationship with the product. It will monitor activity, provide real-time data, encourage the user and congratulate progress.” He added; its portability means it can be used anywhere.”

4D Products worked with the University of Liverpool and took advantage of a took advantage of the free support which is the first of its kind in the country, Liverpool City Region 4.0 (LCR 4.0). This is a business support programme for manufacturers wanting to take advantage of the opportunities of 4IR.

4D Products is one of the first companies to complete the LCR 4.0 programme and has teamed up with the University of Liverpool and its Virtual Engineering Centre for additional electronic design resource so it can enhance an existing product with wireless sensors to enable it to collect real-time data from personal exercise sessions.

The collaboration has resulted in a proof-of-concept prototype of WAVEX microgym which includes a wireless sensor system and an Android wear application that 4D Products can now demonstrate to potential investors. 4D Products has completed a patent application and are looking to release this new product to market during 2017 under the name ‘WAVEX microgym’.

Interim Head of Business Development at the University of Liverpool Virtual Engineering Centre, Lynn Dwyer, said: “By using the skills and technology available within our team at the VEC, they have each been able to save time and money which is crucial in a competitive market place.

“The LCR 4.0 programme is all about helping businesses to enhance their systems and realise the opportunities which 4IR technologies can provide so it’s great to see 4D Products demonstrate that so well.”

Iain McCall, Co-Founder and Design Director for 4D Products added: “Growth Hubs nationwide are offering grants towards product consultancy services at the moment. Grants between £1,000 and £6,000 can be available to businesses to support business investment and expansion and can make up to a 40% cost contribution towards the cost of expert advice, coaching or consultancy.”

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