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A Home for Life

Choosing the perfect home for your business is no different to choosing the home you want to live in.

It isn’t just a box ticking exercise, it also needs to have ‘curb appeal’ the second you clasp eyes on. You will also know if it ‘feels right’ once you walk in.

It is one of the biggest decisions you will make – and so is choosing the location in which to start your business. It is a huge investment – emotionally, physically and financially.

It is no quick fix, it is about securing that ‘home for life’ where you will plant your roots, nurture and grow.

For the past 12 years, Sci-Tech Daresbury has been providing a ‘home for life’ for many start-up and early stage technology businesses. The campus itself has been growing and developing and now as it ‘matures’ into its teens, it has developed an ambitious, but achievable, 20-year plan to create a location that will become a national focal point where science, innovation and entrepreneurship converge.

With Enterprise Zone status, Sci-Tech Daresbury brings a wealth of advantages, which it is using to full effect to add to its rapidly expanding site. It already features five purpose-built centres that can cater for any size of high-tech business from start-up through to a global player.

Given the drive and ambition of Sci-Tech Daresbury, its world-class technology facilities and business support, the opportunity for success is very tangible.

Sci-Tech Daresbury Benefits

As ‘homes’ go, Sci-Tech Daresbury is a location on the up, which is making its mark in the UK having been recognised for its economic impact. Businesses on the site are also feeling the benefit of statistics showing campus companies saw sales growth of 30% per annum between 2011 and 2016.

It also has the right combination of factors needed for that perfect business location. The top five considerations when you choose where to base your business are:

  1. Location. Is it accessible for clients and employees?
  2. Physical impact and quality – will it send the right message about who you are to your clients and your staff?
  3. Business environment -do the neighbours you mix with, send the right message about what type of business you are
  4. Future proofing: Can you business location flex and scale in line with your business needs
  5. Business benefits: Will your business location create new business opportunities or collaboration for you?
  6. Amenities and extras. What are the ‘value added’ benefits – food and retail facilities but also social groups and activities

Sci-Tech Daresbury delivers on all of these. Looking at its plans for growth, one of the key elements is its ‘home for life’ initiative. This will see it deliver

  • National-scale science facilities and capabilities
  • A ‘pathway’ of business facilities from small incubation offices and hot desks and hot labs through to larger offices, laboratories, and “own front door” buildings – Complemented by access to specialist technical facilities and equipment on-site, such as the Campus Technology Hub and Hartree Centre
  • Future-proofed campus infrastructure including power, data, roads and bridges
  • Enhanced transport access
  • On-site facilities and amenities to accommodate over 10,000 people working on site

It is already home to more than 130 technology companies across a range of science and innovation sectors; while global tech giants IBM and Hitachi, have made Sci-Tech Daresbury one of their key bases.

The existing campus is a thriving community for collaboration, which is ever more crucial to innovation success. At least 55% of companies on campus collaborate with each other, while 70% work in partnership with universities or the government-backed Science and Technology Facility Council (STFC).

Success at Sci-Tech Daresbury hasn’t happened by chance but has been down to its cutting-edge R&D facilities, a range of office space options, laboratories, workshops, event space and even the leisure and catering facilities, which make it an enticing place to start and grow a business.

Sci-Tech Daresbury is evolving as a thriving, expanding innovation community and a fusion of intellectual and innovative capacity. It is that ideal ‘home for life’.

Sci-Tech Daresbury, located close to both Manchester and Liverpool, is internationally known for the quality of its work and is home to scientists and engineers from across the academic research community as well as private industry. Areas of study include accelerator science, bio-medicine, physics, chemistry, materials, engineering and computational science, as researchers explore new areas of science and new technologies – and facilities stretch from a VR/AR lab to a particle accelerator.