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Case Study:


Graduate recruitment with Ambersail

“We are always looking for the best of the best. Sci-Tech Daresbury has been instrumental in helping us to strengthen our ties with universities to recruit and retain graduates at the highest level”, according to Jon Morris, Managing Director of leading cyber security company Ambersail.

Ambersail, a specialist in cyber security assessment services, has been based at Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Innovation Centre since 2016. The 15-strong team is trusted by organisations around the globe to locate, confirm and report cyber vulnerabilities in infrastructure, applications and businesses processes.

“Our clients essentially employ us to try and break their systems before hackers do. We work on a lot of cutting-edge technology across mobile devices, applications and networks such as banking, retail and government apps. The level of skill required to deliver this service means that we need employees with the best training and knowledge to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact.”

Over the last two years, Ambersail has employed eight graduates from North West Universities. Of those eight graduates, six have progressed into full-time employment and now carry senior roles within the business, including a senior penetration tester and team leader of the sales team.

Graduate recruitment remains a top priority for Jon and his co-founder Simon Chapman as they look to further expand and develop their business.

Jon said: “Without a doubt, we want to continue to build on our relationships with universities across the North of England. We regularly attend university open days to speak to prospective students and present at summer school fairs for A-Level pupils to discuss the opportunities in IT security.

“Our relationships with universities are highly valuable to us and allow us to connect with the communities and networks where we can access some of the best new talent emerging in the industry. Passion is key for our business and we need people who are engaged and committed to a career in cyber security.”

Ambersail’s impressive growth has been bolstered by Sci-Tech Daresbury’s talent and skills strategy, which focuses on developing, attracting and retaining the wide range of skills and expertise on the campus and bolstering the Liverpool City Region’s reputation as a leader in science and innovation.

“Our location at Sci-Tech Daresbury has supported this pursuit to find the right team members. The opportunity to receive the supported services and connections to the wider world has been invaluable as we try to grow and develop our team. Geographically, it’s in a fantastic place to access some of the best academic institutions in the UK. It’s near to all of the major road connections that makes us easily accessible for staff and clients.

“The employees that we want to attract are tech-minded people and they feel very comfortable in this environment because there are lots of other technology companies around. The campus almost has a university feel to it – and they feel comfortable with that. The high-tech, academic atmosphere on the campus is perfect for our team to thrive in.”

Talent and skills support is a key element of the support function on campus at Sci-Tech Daresbury and is open to all. For more information click here.