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Case Study:


Software Giant, Flexera’s best decision

“As far as locating offices, this is the best thing we’ve ever done” according to Vice President of Worldwide Technical Support at software giant Flexera, Andy McGovern, as he recalls moving in to Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Vanguard House in 2015.

He said: “It suits our needs perfectly and I would say that it’s influenced the rest of Flexera to follow suit and consider co-locating into high-tech campus environments similar to Sci-Tech Daresbury, where you’re surrounded by like-minded people.”

US-headquartered Flexera is a global leader in software licensing, compliance, cybersecurity and installation solutions. The company works with more than 80,000 customers worldwide, including some of the world’s biggest names in the pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries.

In the last 12 months Flexera has expanded its office space to more than 6,000 sq ft, in order to support the company’s growing presence on the campus. Andy believes that Flexera’s growth in the North West has largely been driven by Sci-Tech Daresbury’s ultra-connected location.

He said: “We moved here with a staff size of 33 employees, and over the last three years we’ve developed our team and now have 56 staff working at Vanguard House”.

“I think one of the things that we didn’t realise at first, is that it’s such a great environment to grow teams and there’s also such a rich pool of talent in the North West of England. We’re surrounded by a few amazing cities and towns and some great universities, meaning that we’ve found it very easy to attract and retain talent. I think that’s largely due to where we are, the environment and the proximity to all these great resources.”

Flexera’s operations at Sci-Tech Daresbury have also been boosted by the collaborative culture on campus.

Andy said: “We’re a member of many things that happen on campus such as the Leadership Club and Business Breakfasts. We’re utilising a lot of training that happens on site as well, so we’ve really tapped into the engagement opportunities available on campus.”

He added: “When we first arrived here, it was quite eye-opening to see how many neighbour tenants we would meet, only to find out that they’re actually Flexera customers too. Moving to Sci-Tech Daresbury has been a fantastic for our team and we hope to continue to enjoy this growth for many more years to come.”