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Case Study:

Global Biodiagnostics

Global Biodiagnostics (GBDbio) is an international biotechnology company founded in 2009 to develop, manufacture and sell innovative, low-cost, rapid diagnostics for diseases such as tuberculosis, in developing countries. First based in Texas, USA, GBDbio joined Sci-Tech Daresbury in 2010.

Tuberculosis is renowned as being the biggest infectious killer worldwide. An estimated third of the world’s population is infected with latent tuberculosis, bacteria that can cause the disease. In 2014, one and half million people died from the illness with 95% of deaths coming from low income countries.

As GBDbio aims to bring their products to market, Sci-Tech Daresbury has provided invaluable assistance in developing new innovative products and in opening channels to export to high growth areas such as Africa and Asia.

Through being based on campus, GBDbio has been able to benefit from the network of other high specification SMEs on site, connecting and sharing their knowledge and expertise, as well access to the number of suppliers and partners that Sci-Tech Daresbury has accrued over the many years of business.

Through this method it has been able to forge mutually beneficial partnerships as it looks like gain its UK trade and manufacturing standards.

Working within Sci-Tech Daresbury, GBDbio has been able to secure funding from other professional medical bodies to develop new technology to diagnose tuberculosis.

In 2013, it received a £2.6m Strategic Translation Award grant from the Welcome Trust to create a test that could detect the bacterium in tuberculosis in under 30 minutes.

Their work has led to increased recognition with it being awarded the Harrison Goddard Foote Innovation Award in 2014.

With excellent access to UK’s major motorways as well as close proximity to both Liverpool and Manchester’s rail and aerospace networks, GBDbio has been able to do business locally, nationally and internationally.

The campus location also provides the company with flexibility of facilities and leases as well as a wholly beneficial incubator environment for business start-ups as they benefit from being situated at one of the most innovative sites in the country.

John Manwell from GBDbio said:

“Being based at Sci-Tech Daresbury has given us access to wealth of skills, advice and expertise that has been fundamental in growing our business. Since making the move, we have become part of a cognitive network, working with partners to expand and grow together. It has provided us with an excellent platform to work from and continue to grow our company.Being based here has enhanced our European credibility, assisting in the leverage of significant financial support from organisations such as the Wellcome Trust and helping us as we look to attain the CE mark for our product and develop our plans for a UK Operations centre”