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Case Study:


Since moving to Sci-Tech Daresbury in 2011, Optis Northern Europe has witnessed unprecedented growth increasing staff numbers to 14, overseeing new business acquisitions and increasing its multi-million pound turnover.

Its Sci-Tech site is one of eleven different locations across three continents and is the hub of operations in the United Kingdom.

Optis is a world-leading software editor in optical and lighting simulation in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment. It allows designers, ergonomists and engineers to test, evaluate and optimise lighting performance.

The Sci-Tech Daresbury location provides Optis with world class facilities that are critical for growing its business. With access to state-of-the-art technology in the form of the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre.

Thanks to the equipment available at the Hartree Centre, such as access to its supercomputers, Optis is able to demonstrate to clients and potential customers a detailed visualisation of their product.

Optis has also benefitted from the partnership opportunities available at Daresbury and the collaborations with other organisations, sharing knowledge and expertise.

The campus location also provides Optis with full flexibility on facilities and leases giving them the opportunity to scale their model quickly at one of the most innovative sites in the country.

Andy Reilly, countries manager at Optis Northern Europe, said:

“With state of the art technology at our fingertips, we have been able grow year on year since moving to Daresbury. The equipment available for businesses to use at the Hartree Centre and VEC is unrivalled.”

“Our growth has led to our business expanding at a rapid rate. In 2014, we acquired Icona Solutions, a software developer for improving the perceived quality of vehicles. It shows our commitment to growing this Daresbury site and making it a focal point for our European strategy. We look forward to expanding our team further and working closely with the team at Sci-Tech Daresbury.”