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Case Study:

Perceptive Engineering

Perceptive Engineering re-located to The Innovation Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury in 2005. Following sustained growth and expansion into overseas markets, the company outgrew their original premises and moved to Vanguard House in March 2012.

Perceptive Engineering delivers intelligent monitoring and control systems to clients in a broad range of industries, from UK utilities companies such as Yorkshire Water and United Utilities, to multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturers like Pfizer and Astra Zeneca.

Perceptive’s software and process expertise helps their clients to operate at maximum efficiency, at all times. This translates into lower energy costs, smaller carbon footprint, improved quality and increased throughput.

Most of Perceptive’s £1.5 million turnover is from overseas markets, collaborating with blue-chip clients such as Wyeth, Arla and Abbott Nutrition in Ireland, Denmark, USA and Asia Pacific, where Perceptive helps those companies to minimise waste and maximise yield in the pharmaceutical and food sectors.

One of Perceptive’s current projects is at the leading edge of renewable energy generation, working with some of the UK’s largest utility companies to develop an integrated approach to wastewater treatment.

By deploying the same toolset that optimises manufacturing plants, Perceptive has significantly reduced the amount of energy needed to treat wastewater, while minimising impact on the wider environment.

At the same time, Perceptive’s system maximises the yield of biomethane, which can be injected into the national gas distribution network, supplementing fossil fuel supplies.

As well as securing more business while based at Sci-Tech Daresbury, Perceptive Engineering has also benefitted from the networking opportunities afforded by having its headquarters at one of the most innovative centres in the country.

Connections formed through the campus network include the company’s current Asian consultant, a valuable resource with over 20 years’ experience working in Singapore. Perceptive has used this expertise and market knowledge to help manage logistics and formulate a business plan for expansion into the Asia markets.

Perceptive Engineering’s Sci-Tech Daresbury location has also allowed them to benefit from collaborative opportunities with other campus-based businesses. The company currently uses other campus companies in their supply chain, including sourcing IT services.

The location has also enabled Perceptive Engineering to present an infrastructure to prospective clients that radiates stability, security and credibility.

Dave Lovett, managing director of Perceptive Engineering, said:

“Sci Tech Daresbury fits Perceptive’s image of leading-edge, professional expertise. Networking with other companies has opened up new opportunities, and the location affords easy access to major transport hubs for serving our international client base.”