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The North West HealthTec Cluster

The Daresbury & Harwell National Science & Innovation Campuses are built around the Science and Technology Facilities Council, part of UK Research & Innovation (STFC)-run National Laboratories at the respective sites – Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire and Daresbury Laboratory in the North West. Both Campuses are run by public-private Joint Ventures. In the case of Sci-Tech Daresbury, which was given Enterprise Zone status in 2012, the partners are STFC, Halton Borough Council, and Langtree Property Partners Ltd again with a 50:50 public-private split.

Anchored to the critical mass of expertise, talent and capabilities on-site, STFC has been developing a unique cluster model for a number of years (which started at the campus in Harwell with the development of the space cluster in 2010, HealthTec in 2016 and Energytec in 2018 and has now expanded to the North West). These cluster developments provide a focus for collaboration between industry, academia and public sector organisations and a commercialisation ecosystem.

The Clusters are a mechanism to promote dialogue between like-minded organisations while identifying potentially productive cross-over points with other disciplines. Each Cluster has a dedicated Cluster Manager who becomes familiar with all the activities and capabilities of organisations within the Cluster, and proactively promotes links between organisations.

STFC’s most ambitious Cluster to date, the North West HealthTec Cluster was initiated through a formal partnership between STFC and the Innovation agency, the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network (AHSN). Translating the Cluster model that had been successfully trialled at Harwell, it operates across the North West, working in synergy with its counterpart Cluster at Harwell to support cross-regional collaboration.

Hosted by the National Science and Innovation Campus at Sci-Tech Daresbury, this regional cluster was launched in May 2019. The Cluster brings together nearly 50 stakeholder organisations around the common vision of empowering citizen health and wellbeing, through increasing intra and cross-sector connectivity to support cutting edge R&D, commercialisation and global growth of health technology solutions. Composed of local, regional and national organisations, stakeholders include many of the UKRI councils, NHS organisations including the regional health partnerships & AHSNs, National Institutions like the Royal College of Physicians and 13 regional universities creating a unique intelligence matrix, enhancing the awareness of and connection between capabilities. You can learn more about this in the brochure below.

Find out more about the HealthTec Cluster and its stakeholders to help you understand some of the opportunities and connections for you and your organisation to support research, innovation and growth.

As the host of the cluster, Sci-Tech Daresbury is also home to a thriving community of science and technology organisations of which many are actively supporting or working in the Health and Life science Sector. From companies providing in bio and pharma services to digital healthcare and medtech solutions, you can learn more about the nearly 50 organisations onsite working in the Health and Life Science Sector.

View the Health & Life Sciences at Sci-Tech Daresbury brochure here

“Connecting with the NW HealthTec Cluster is possibly the most important thing SMEs can do in their commercialisation journey. The true benefit of representation, platform, introductions and advice collectively, and from stakeholders such as STFC, Innovation Agency, Health Innovation Exchange and KTN has been incalculable.” Phil Blything, CEO, Glow New Media.