Office and Lab Space Daresbury

Sci-Tech Daresbury offers a warm welcome to any high-tech companies considering new work surroundings in the UK to match their culture of innovation and technical expertise. We believe you’ll benefit from examining the quality facilities at the internationally recognised Sci-Tech Daresbury as a potential choice, with its serviced labs and its office space. Since its establishment in 2006, the campus has fast established itself as a leading science and innovation location for the UK and globally.

Sci-Tech Daresbury as a campus is continually looking to expand and develop, garnering international recognition by virtue of a range of cutting-edge research that has happened on-site, in addition to the open innovation model that has had great success. We invite any companies to consider joining Sci-Tech Daresbury’s collection of like-minded high-tech businesses who are enjoying a setting built to complement their drive for innovation.

The Campus

Available Lab & Office Space

Sci-Tech offers a selection of spaces over its five multi-occupant buildings on-site, with a variety of sizes of office space, labs and workshops, as well as venues you can book for conferences. Each building embraces highly creative design, and there are a range of excellent reception and catering facilities across the site, providing an excellent work setting for companies looking to accelerate the growth of their business. 

There are currently around 500 scientists across the 1,200 people working on-site, completing innovative work across a range of fields and disciplines. Further, we’re also home to more than 100 national and international high-tech companies enjoying our facilities for their cutting-edge work.

With a range of different rentable spaces, one building offers lab space throughout, another features whole-floor offices, while the next has around 50 offices designed to suit one or two workers in each. With each company having their own needs and preferences, we’ve established a site that is purpose-built to be able to grow and develop alongside your company, providing ideally-suited surroundings at each point of your progression.


You’ll be able to enjoy excellent surroundings both on and off-site, from the gorgeous countryside landscapes as you drive in, to the series of innovative spaces once you arrive at Sci-Tech. Daresbury itself is a lovely setting, from its picturesque housing and landscapes, to its impressive parish Church.

Sci-Tech’s National Science and Innovation campus could offer your company the opportunity to work in excellent facilities alongside other innovative companies who may provide networking or collaborative options; ideally placed in Daresbury between Runcorn and Warrington, a close distance from Manchester Airport and Liverpool.

We have a great deal of confidence in Sci-Tech’s potential to be the leading space of its kind in the region for a long time to come, perfectly suited to the most ambitious and innovative companies looking for quality lab and/or office space. We’d be happy to discuss in more detail any questions you may have, or arrange a visit to have you see the location up close. Get in touch today by emailing or phone us on 01925 607000.