Lab & Office Space Liverpool

If you’re a high-tech company looking for rentable lab space and offices near Liverpool, a great option to consider would be the innovative facilities at the internationally recognised Sci-Tech Daresbury.  First opened in 2006, this quality campus has grown significantly over the past decade into a leading science and innovation space in the UK and globally.

There have been a number of factors in the campus’ ability to continually develop and expand, one of which is achieving international recognition through the cutting-edge research happening on-site, while another is the implementation of an open innovation model on-site with great success. For any technical company, you’re encouraged to consider joining a community of similarly local companies across various fields, in spaces built to match your drive and creativity.

The Campus

Available Lab & Office Space

We currently have approximately 1,200 people working on-site, with around 500 of those being scientists undertaking work across a variety of key areas and disciplines. We also play home to more than 100 national and international high-tech companies, each of whom rate our facilities as highly compatible with their creative and forward-thinking work methods.

There is a fantastic range of spaces that can be rented across our five buildings, which include office spaces, labs and workshops, as well as conference rooms. In addition to our buildings showcasing stunning external architectural features, they also have quality reception and catering spaces. All in all, it’s an excellent work setting for companies looking to accelerate the growth of their business.

Sci-Tech offers a diverse range of options in terms of the rent-able spaces, varying from one building mainly made up of lab space, to another that offers entire-floor offices. There is also one building with around 50 compact office spaces, each designed for one or two workers. We fully appreciate that each high-tech company has a range of needs depending on the nature of their work and stage of their development. We designed our site specifically to be able to progress and develop along with you, offering ideal surroundings at each point of your company’s growth.


In terms of its setting, Sci-Tech’s National Science and Innovation campus has fantastic placement in rural Cheshire, between Runcorn and Warrington; a short distance from Manchester Airport and Liverpool. Daresbury is a very pleasant setting, renowned for its beautiful housing and landscapes as well as it’s impressive parish Church.

Sci-Tech offers ideal surroundings both on-site and off-site. With a  peaceful countryside setting on the drive in, and a  range of spaces allowing you to work alongside other innovative companies in a place that offers a networking and collaborative opportunities.

We are confident that our Sci-Tech facility is a leading campus within the UK, a perfect setting for ambitious and innovative companies looking for rentable lab space and offices. We’d be happy to speak to you in further detail about our lab and office spaces, and whether Sci-Tech is the right fit for you, or to set up a site visit if you’re interested in seeing our location in person. Please contact us by email on or give us a call on 01925 607000.