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Northern Powerhouse to Drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The great cities of the North are the only ones that can drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to a key industrial advisor to the government’s Industrial Strategy team. Professor Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens UK and author of the Made Smarter Review, a pivotal document in the government’s Industrial Strategy, has strongly championed the North’s credentials.

A glance across the industrial landscape from the Irish Sea to the North Sea bears witness to this bold statement with high-tech innovation prevalent from coast-to-coast. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be a major part of UK PLCs future economic success, so it is great to hear someone as influential as Maier come out and give the industry across the north this kudos, especially given Sci-Tech Daresbury’s passion for enhancing Industry 4.0. In a rousing speech in Yorkshire’s industrial heartland of Sheffield, Maier proclaimed, We also recently heard at one of our own events, David Moss of Siemens elaborate on the benefits just digitalisation could have over the next 10 years as part of Industry 4.0. It could:

  • boost UK manufacturing by £455bn;
  • increase sector growth up to 3% per year;
  • create a net gain of 175,000 jobs;
  • reduce CO2 emissions by 4.5%;
  • new business models.

So, is the North ready to capitalise and be the self-proclaimed powerhouse? The historical links are there, as pioneers of the first industrial revolution, and today the potential is definitely present but the nettle needs to be grasped by businesses across all sectors – and fast. In that same speech, Maier highlighted that when it comes to companies embracing technology, especially the SMEs, only EIGHT percent of manufacturing companies understand Industry 4.0, while an incredible 76 percent have no understanding at all.

At Sci-Tech Daresbury, we know that we have businesses who are fully switched on and are already playing a leading part in growing Industry 4.0, as well as encouraging business across the wider north-west and beyond to get on board. If that continues to happen, then Juergen Maier may just be right in his assertion that the North is the only region to drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Hartree Centre and Virtual Engineering Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury have been key delivery partners for the Liverpool City Region’s Industry 4.0 programme, LCR 4.0. In fact, on May 23rd, the Chancellor announced to provide £20m of funding for a roll-out of the NW Adoption programme building on the success seen through the LCR4.0 programme. Find out more information here:

Link to Northern Powerhouse website

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