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Biomedical and Healthcare

 Sci-Tech Daresbury is home to around 30 biomedical companies with particular expertise in medical devices, medical diagnostics, digital solutions and materials. Both the Innovation Agency (driving innovation into the NHS)  and Bionow (biomedical cluster in the North) have a base on campus and enable rapid engagement into the NHS, and other biomedical-related companies; over 200 companies and 20,000 people in the UK’s North West region.

It can provide:

  • Access to a range of laboratory facilities from start-up labs to much larger facilities.
  • Easy access to a range of analytical equipment on-site including SEM and UV-Vis spectroscopy.
  • Access to x-rays, neutrons and lasers to study the interfaces between biological and non-biological structures, bio-sensing mechanisms, cell signalling, cell growth, surface bonding, confirmation of biological structure and function and materials analysis.
  • Access to high performance computing for the simulation, modelling and visualisation of complex biomedical data such as biological structures, genomes, proteomics and fluid dynamic studies for fluid delivery systems.
  • Access to accelerator technologies with applications in areas such as cancer therapy.
  • Design and fabrication of bespoke detectors and sensors for diagnostics including access to 3D printing and additive manufacturing facilities.