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The Innovation Centre
Sci-Tech Daresbury
Keckwick Lane
Daresbury, Cheshire


Digital, ICT, data-intensive applications and internet of things

Sci-Tech Daresbury is home to the UK’s largest specialist supercomputing resource with the performance of 1.4 Petaflops (equivalent to around one million iPods). Many companies from around the UK and overseas have located here because of the concentration of expertise on the campus.

Sci-Tech Daresbury is well placed to stimulate innovation through collaborations between organisations working on campus and strong links with regional universities. It is also the ideal location from which to design new products and services in this sector.

There are over 30 digital/ICT businesses and organisations located at Sci-Tech Daresbury with access to and expertise in:

  • Data Analytics including big data
  • Machine-learning technologies
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Visualisation and virtual reality (VR)
  • Cyber security solutions and penetration testing
  • Cloud solutions
  • Software development
  • Data management and storage
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Novel hardware technologies
  • Mobile technologies
  • ICT solutions and services
  • Software verification and validation

The Hartree Centre has world-class capabilities and facilities in the following areas:

  • Big data analytics capabilities to extract insight from structured or unstructured, live streaming or dormant datasets.
  • Access to world-class cognitive technologies through the partnership with IBM Watson.
  • Software development and optimisation expertise, including access to commercial and open scientific or simulation codes.
  • Flexible or pay-as-you-go use of a world-class high performance computing infrastructure and associated technical support.
  • Development of bespoke virtual prototyping, modelling and simulation technologies.
  • Access to immersive 3D visualisation suites
  •  Access to 50 seater computer training facility
  • Training and skills events.