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Energy and Environment

Sci-Tech Daresbury has a thriving cluster of companies working in technologies in energy reduction as well as novel energy generation.

Sci-Tech Daresbury has a range of mechanisms for engagement to make both its and its wider community expertise available to industry:

  • Access to rapid prototyping facilities through the Campus Technology Hub.
  • Access to high performance computing via the Hartree Centre for the simulation, modelling and visualisation of complex data systems such as climate modelling, weather systems, river basin monitoring and tidal flow.
  • Flexible access to laboratory space, facilities, expertise and support.
  • Access to large facilities which use x-rays, neutrons and lasers to study areas including: novel materials, water purity, heavy metal contamination, noxious material leaching, greenhouse emissions, cleaner burning of fossil fuels, efficient energy storage.
  • Designing and testing state of the art instrumentation and technology including for environmental monitoring, Earth observation and in-field instrumentation.
  • Very sensitive detection of materials for environmental monitoring such as molecular spectroscopy.
  • Outdoor test facilities for wind energy research performance testing of solar power installations and meteorological instrumentation.
  • Underground test facilities for aspects of carbon dioxide sequestration and mining technology.

Sci-Tech Daresbury is developing innovative solutions to protect the environment and provide safe, secure and sustainable energy for the future.