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The Innovation Centre
Sci-Tech Daresbury
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Daresbury, Cheshire



There are companies at Sci-Tech Daresbury, and in its network, that have expertise including penetration testing, information security consulting, secure website technologies and secure data transfer technologies.

Sci-Tech Daresbury also has companies with sensor expertise that enable rapid testing of threats to human health, as well as technologies that enable new methods of crop protection, and also enabling water clean-up.

Through its partner STFC, Sci-Tech Daresbury can provide access to:

  • Big data analytics and predictive analytics platforms and expertise.
  • Gamma ray, x-ray, neutron and terahertz detectors and sensors.
  • Accelerator technology design, including compact accelerators.
  • Using lasers to detect dangerous and counterfeit materials.
  • Remote sensing and earth observation systems and technologies.