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Tailoring Your Workspace to Improve Innovation

The days when ‘just’ an office, laboratory or workshop were sufficient to deliver innovation is no longer the case.

In today’s world, it is a much more exact science with architects and designers called upon by businesses to deliver workspaces that create communities, facilitate collaboration and make chance encounters happen.

It is not just bricks, mortar and glass, these facilities are designed to give companies an additional edge to grow and, moreover, create a space that will maximise the innovation potential of employees.

This is part of a wider business strategy to galvanise employees, define experiences and generate a productive working environment.

In addition, it is about enhancing communication and collaboration – two major players in producing those moments of innovation magic. A chance conversation that spawns an idea that ultimately can be a game changer.

US architects Gensler, a collaborative design firm with more than 3,500 global clients, has conducted research* into what is needed in producing tailor-made workspace to that can deliver impact on innovation.

It found that companies that want to build cultures and environments to support and accelerate innovation are looking for effective space solutions that are based on empirical evidence and best-practice experiences.

Places that support innovation do so in multiple ways:

  • They interrupt siloed structures to create stronger knowledge networks;
  • They build awareness between people and departments to better support the productive flow of ideas;
  • They consider proximity between people and groups to support planned and unplanned connectivity;
  • They create connections that increase communication and encourage the active sharing of information.

Successful spaces are complex environments that support multiple, overlapping strategies and design tactics in support of innovation goals.

Gensler summed this in four key solutions for producing the perfect workspace environment

Alone & Together: Teamwork and communication are catalysts for idea generation; solitude allows people to work through those ideas, while open spaces promote feelings of group ownership and a shared sense of purpose.

Showcase & Workspace: True innovation spaces are workspaces too, providing the tools and resources needed for work.

Designed & Undefined: The best spaces are highly designed and organized to maximize functionality, but hide it. An undefined appearance and an ability to alter settings are key components of innovation.

Risky & Safe: Risk is an essential aspect of innovation, and the freedom to explore is essential to creativity. Creating a safe environment removes barriers to exploration and discovery by allowing employees to take risks within a safe, stable environment.

Sci-Tech Daresbury has created spaces that deliver maximum innovation and with major plans for future development, ensuring the campus has the right spaces to generate smart thinking and ideas will be part of that strategy.

The redevelopment of the atrium in The Innovation Centre has created a very open and informal working and meeting environment, both for tenants in the building and the many visitors who come into the building each year.

Within Techspace One, we have created a more open and interactive environment within the building for tenants to meet each other and to engage with visitors. This is not only in the open breakout area around the main reception, but also the kitchen/dining areas on each floor.

Techspace One provides high-quality facilities for science and technology companies, with 10-50 staff, developing or upscaling their business.The three-storey multi-let building provides a combination of 33,000 sq ft of wet and instrumentation laboratories, together with grade A office accommodation.  It is ideally suited for companies in the biomedical, materials, clean technology and instrumentation sectors.

*Gensler Research Insitute

If you’d like to know more about how we can personalise a workspace to meet your innovation needs, please contact us.