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Talent and Skills

Talent and Skills and Sci-Tech Daresbury:

Sci-Tech Daresbury is a community of some 150 companies which, together with STFC Daresbury laboratory, employ over 1,400 staff.  The Sci-Tech Daresbury Talent and Skills Strategy aims to address the supply of talent, and skills training, providing a simple ‘one front door’ through Sci-Tech Daresbury RADAR for businesses to meet their growth objectives.  This offers a flexible, responsive, and fully integrated talent and skills programme to address the requirements for business growth of our science and technology companies.

The requirement for talent and skills spans science, engineering and digital technologies alongside cross cutting skills such as leadership, management and strategic business development. The supply of this potent mix is key to enabling Sci-Tech Daresbury to be a transformational engine of growth and innovation in Liverpool City Region within the Northern Powerhouse economy.

Sci-Tech Daresbury RADAR Talent and Skills Strategy:
Our Talent and Skills Strategy will support Sci-Tech Daresbury science and technology companies through three core pillars:

  1. Attract  > Inspire, attract and employ the best talent
  2. Develop > Develop key skills to enable growth
  3. Retain    > Retain talent and skills

Click here to download the Sci-Tech Daresbury Talent and Skills Strategy brochure

Our vision:
Through our Talent and Skills Strategy, to support the delivery of 10,000 high-value jobs at Sci-Tech Daresbury over the next 20 years.

Our mission:
To attract, develop and retain the talent and skills essential to the growth of Sci-Tech Daresbury and of impact to the Liverpool City Region economy.

Our focus:
To enable science and technology companies on campus to access the talent and skills necessary to drive their growth and scale up.

Our core objectives:

Our values:

Sci-Tech Daresbury RADAR provides business and skills support to SMEs to ensure that companies are better prepared for growth and scale-up, which includes:

  • Business needs analysis and staff development planning
  • Links to talent and skills provision
  • Coaching and mentoring support
  • Skills and training programmes, using funding where available
  • Support for development of HR strategy and processes
  • Masterclasses and Peer to Peer learning

We collaborate and support our companies to inspire, attract and employ the talent and skills they need.

Selection of current opportunities with our campus companies:

Click here.

What our companies are saying: 

Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA“We have recently attended the “WAR ON TALENT” lunchtime roundtable. I It has given us is an insight into what is required to make our business move forward not just with recruiting the right people, but it has opened up other opportunities by meeting other businesses on campus and sharing and discussing their experiences.”

Olsen Actuation: “Sci-Tech Daresbury RADAR helped in a big way in supporting the development of the interview and selection process of our new Account Managers.  We were in the position of wanting to take on two new staff but were unsure of what steps to take to ensure that we recruited staff with the right cultural fit for our business.

“Our original intention was to take on one new member of staff, at a push two, however with the quality of the candidates and the way the interview process was run, we decided to take on three candidates for the business.”

Working with schools – what our schools are saying:

Hallwood Park Primary School: “The children’s engagement in science has reached new enthusiasm.  I think the passion and energy shown by the Sci-Tech Daresbury team who came into school really ‘rubbed off’ on the children and for days and weeks after I have had children bring in work they had completed independently without me setting.

“I also believe that this has given the children an insight into how exciting the field of science can be, and how we here in the UK can play a huge role.

“Overall, I though the project was a huge success, and I would encourage any school to take up the offer if (hopefully) the opportunity arises.”

Close collaboration with key partners ensures that our campus companies have exceptional support to deliver the skills of their workforce.

What our companies are saying: 

Custerian: “We have had the pleasure of engaging with the Talent and Skills team since early 2018. Since our first engagement, the team have guided and supported us in the scheduling of over 12 training programmes, blended across soft skills, technical and Leadership training for 10+ delegates at Custerian.

“As a small business, it has allowed us to focus on the development and retention of the most important asset to our business, our people!  It was a great advantage that we were able to bespoke the training specifically to the important role they play in the business day to day, and also fulfil their individual personal development needs (APMQ, AGILE SCRUM, SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP to name a few).”

Sci-Tech Daresbury companies are retaining talent in science and technology ahead of the national average.  We continue to work hard and invest in the campus to provide a place where staff can engage through both facilities and community, as well as providing an attractive place to work.

Campus facilities include: 

  • A fully equipped gym
  • Outdoor table tennis
  • Running and walking clubs
  • Support for bicycle users including Dr Bike maintenance sessions
  • A canal side location
  • A restaurant and coffee shop, including a Costa outlet

Sci-Tech Daresbury is ideally located in the bustling Liverpool City Region in the heart of the North West; Warrington, Runcorn, Manchester and Liverpool are only a short distance away from the campus and are easily accessible by car or public transport. It can be found 2 miles from junction 11 of the M56 motorway, just off the A558 (Daresbury Expressway).

TravelHub has been established to make journeys to and from the campus easier, healthier, more affordable and sustainable, however you prefer to travel. It has been developed to offer support to Sci-Tech Daresbury companies, their staff and visitors. For more information click here.

RADAR will:

  • Help campus companies to grow.
  • Help this region’s (+UK’s) economy achieve its full potential.
  • Be fundamental to the success of the Northern Powerhouse.
  • Offer access to unique, state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Have strong partnerships/relationships with business and industry.
  • Support the delivery of a highly skilled employment-ready workforce.
  • Support teaching staff who are committed to student success.
  • Support the delivery of better careers and better prospects.
  • Be an economic development engine for the Liverpool City Region/North of the UK.
  • Support this region’s communities to achieve their full potential.
  • Offer a flexible, responsive and fully integrated skills and employment programme to holistically address the spectrum of skills required for business growth in our sector.