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“The Innovation Agency has been located at Sci-Tech Daresbury since 2014.  The mix of businesses on the site and the excellent networking opportunities, supported by the site’s management staff, has given us access to potential customers and also businesses who can provide a support function for us.  Our accommodation has been flexible to allow us to grow our business.
The site is very well maintained and gives an excellent impression to visitors.  In addition, visitor parking is plentiful.  If we have any issues that need resolving the site management staff are quick to support us to ensure that our business runs smoothly.”

Department for International Trade

“We located the Department for International Trade’s North West team at Sci-Tech Daresbury because it’s a fantastically supportive environment for growing high quality businesses, showcasing the best of new UK ideas and capability.  The partnerships are all in place here, sparking exactly the sort of positive interactions that generate real trade.  We often bring staff from our Global network to see the facilities and meet the great exporters on site, and they’re always tremendously impressed with the whole Sci-Tech Daresbury experience.”

"Satsafe has spent 3 years developing our driver behaviour monitoring solution and recently, been selected by Merseyside Road Safety Partnership in a ground-breaking initiative designed to help older drivers to stay on the road safer for longer. We very much appreciate the practical assistance & support received from the Virtual Engineering & Hartree Centres at Sci-Tech Daresbury, which has been a major factor in helping us to develop and validate this important technology whilst helping us get to market."


igroup Ltd

“We have found clients, assistance, funding and attracted new employees. Since our move to Sci-Tech Daresbury, it is so much more than office space.”

“Sci-Tech Daresbury has been invaluable to ac&e enabling us to engage more effectively with key scientific and engineering organisations both commercial and academic.  The highly pro-active approach of the business support team means we never miss an opportunity for grant funding, networking or business assistance.  The facilities available are first class and the working environment is superb.”

Insource Limited

“The campus provides us with everything we need to drive our business expansion plans forward, a vibrant community of motivated innovation companies combined with access to excellent networking opportunities has enabled us to ‘hit the ground running’. We have hosted many client and partner meetings either here in our office our via one of the meeting rooms or board room, we consistently receive feedback from visitors just how impressive the facilities are here at Sci-Tech Daresbury.”

“Sci-Tech Daresbury offered everything we needed and more in a way that was far superior to any of the other UK locations we researched.  The combination of location, facilities and helpful people gave us the flexibility to allow an enterprise like FLS to concentrate on what was important, growth. After nearly three years, our people and our customers have experienced what they sometimes describe as a sophisticated and professional location and we know that as we continue to grow (100% growth year on year so far), the services will be there for us whatever size we may become.”


“As a start up in the complicated world of Med Tech, the progress our company has made can be strongly linked to the connections and support received from Sci-Tech Daresbury and their business support team. The saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know..." certainly rings true. Very pleased I decided to set up base here.”

“Our company has been resident at Sci-Tech Daresbury for several years now. We are a very small company but being part of the Sci-Tech Daresbury community makes us feel like we are part of something much bigger and of course provides us with a prestige business address. We have benefited from a valuable grant which was only available to tenant companies.”

Protium MS


“Sci-Tech Daresbury is a thriving hub of innovative technology businesses of many genres and points of scale.  It’s a great place to come to work and we love being part of the buzz of success!”

“Sci-Tech Daresbury’s facilities and support has been instrumental in getting our start up off the ground. We’re now looking at trialling our medical device (a nasogastric tube placement confirmation device) in several sites across the NW region. The links to local NHS partners provided by Sci-Tech Daresbury have helped raise the profile of our product with the user community. Prior to this, Sci-Tech Daresbury have provided support services to assist in the development of our product, such as Laboratory space and rapid prototyping facilities.”

NGPod Global Ltd

Ewing Innovation LLP

“Being a small consultancy I benefit from the Sci-Tech Daresbury network which has helped me get access to useful advice on developing international markets and to build close links with some of the site’s Gold Partners: University of Liverpool and Slater Heelis, in particular. In addition, the site is modern and well connected making it a good place to host client meetings.”

“We are grateful and appreciate the provided business support, help in communication with public and private institutions as well as responsiveness."


“Being based at Sci-Tech Daresbury adds tremendous value to our company. Thanks to the excellent support we receive at Sci-Tech Daresbury, we are now collaborating with a number of high tech companies on campus. This has enabled Peak42 to adopt innovative technologies and benefit our customers further.”

“Our young, but ambitious R&D start-up has been warmly embraced into the Sci-Tech Daresbury community and provided with a solid support platform including access to the supply chain, generous networking opportunities and grant support, to name a few. Sci-Tech Daresbury has created a cost efficient, supportive, safe, secure, intelligent space to perform our work. Sci-Tech Daresbury clearly appreciates the challenges of the R&D environment, genuinely cares about science and innovation and the impact it has on the country. We are grateful and delighted to be a part of Sci-Tech Daresbury.”

Quantum Science Ltd

“The key to Sci-Tech Daresbury’s success has always been its constantly evolving network. As the focus for innovation in the North West it continues to develop and adapt as a hub to support both its new and established businesses.”

“Locate your start-up, SME, or multinational office at Sci-Tech Daresbury, then go forth and prosper.”

Sherkin Technologies

Ridia Consulting

“2007 was a lucky year for us. That year, we discovered Sci-Tech Daresbury, and the people that came with it. 12 years, many projects and one sold tech business later, I’m still at this amazing place, still attending the many “made-for-you” seminars and networking events, talking to universities, tapping into the brain bank and global contact base of the Gold Partners…not to mention the world-leading research facilities that are also on our doorsteps, and those all too precious funding packages…The support infrastructure is just fantastic and there is a collective passion here to make technology better. To us, Sci-Tech Daresbury is not a destination, it is a resource. “

"So pleased we relocated our organisation to Sci-Tech Daresbury, great community, good location, lots of free knowledge & events, support, access to funding, with state of the art facilities, equipment & technology available on tap."

"Sci-Tech Daresbury has provided & continues to provide a massive support for start-ups such as ours. This is the right place to be for any company, especially ones at the very early stages, since the site has well-presented multi-user facilities, a vibrant environment to grow in & all manner of business support. We couldn’t have been in a more encouraging & empowering place.”

“Sci-Tech Daresbury has been a great location to conduct and build my business.  The campus provides a nexus for small to large businesses, academia and governmental organisations to come together in a network where collaboration is actively encouraged.  John Leake & Paul Treloar do a fantastic job of promotion & referral, ensuring those businesses that could benefit from working together are made aware of each other.  Our specialisation is assisting businesses in the implementation of management systems that meet the requirements of International Standards, the campus has been an ideal location to market our services from & be noticed by potential customers.”

Flintloque Management Systems Ltd


“Sci-Tech Daresbury is going from strength-to-strength as it expands its capacity while keeping the same professional & friendly service to both campus companies & its much wider network of key companies and individuals, locally, nationally and across the globe.  Relationships really matter in business, especially when starting out, & Sci-Tech Daresbury is a great location to connect with the right people at the right time, at formal events & training or at one of the many regular networking meetings.  Getting here, working here, meeting here – convenient, productive & convivial!”

“deviceTRUST GmbH chose Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Innovation Centre for its strategic positioning central to North West England’s technical community. The site looks amazing and has excellent facilities, which is essential for attracting the right talent. Since locating here we’ve been amazed by the enthusiastic and likeminded entrepreneurs and the professionalism and helpfulness of the support staff.”

A2O Innovation Solutions Ltd

“A2O Innovation Solutions Ltd became involved with Sci-Tech Daresbury in 2016 through the NetworkHub and Business Breakfast Networking Events. From that time A2O became aware that being located on the site would benefit our business significantly. Since then we have located on the campus and been constantly impressed by the quality of the services, business growth support, strength of the network and opportunities offered. We firmly believe that Sci-Tech Daresbury is the best location for our business both now and in the future. We never hesitate in promoting our presence on campus and the benefits gained whenever the opportunity arises.”

“C-Major Medical moved to Sci-Tech Daresbury in January 2018, and the moving-in process was extremely easy and simple. We have received a warm welcome and have quickly become part of the campus family.

“For a small start-up company becoming part of the Sci-Tech Daresbury community has been a huge boost for us. The support from the campus staff and from other companies has been tremendous and the progress the company has made in the past year has been greatly helped by the Sci-Tech Daresbury environment.

“In the coming year we are looking to expand and will need a larger office as we employ new staff. We are confident that Sci-Tech will help and support us as we do this. I would recommend Sci-Tech to any company looking to establish or to grow.”

Britest Ltd

“Having a profile at an internationally recognised innovation campus like Sci-Tech Daresbury is hugely valuable to us as a micro-SME operating under a highly networked, highly knowledge-driven business model. Not only do we have easy access to flexible professionally maintained business and meeting spaces, we are part of a powerful innovation eco-system.

“As part of a recognised cluster of Sci-Tech Daresbury-based partners within the ADDoPT digital design project we have been able to engage productively with the STFC Hartree Centre’s HPC capabilities & advanced process control expertise complementary to our own expertise in whole process understanding as part of a major four-year collaboration making new Digital Design approaches widely usable within the pharmaceutical. Two large all-partner meetings and a public dissemination event have been hosted smoothly and successfully at Sci-Tech Daresbury as part of this programme… and we (genuinely) appreciate the Christmas Carol concert!”

“Flexera are delighted to be co-located on a campus with other like-minded, innovative companies. The on-site facilities and availability of local talent makes it a great place to build a vibrant world-class team. Once potential candidates come on-site and see the office setup, they want to work for Flexera at Sci-Tech Daresbury.”


“BioAMD Ltd has its offices and laboratories at Sci-Tech Daresbury since 2008. Being located at Sci-Tech Daresbury had and still has a significant impact on our business. Apart from the ideal location, close to a motorway network and Manchester international airport, which made it very accessible to our UK and international partners, Sci-Tech Daresbury offers excellent and impressive office accommodations. The Sci-Tech Daresbury team has been instrumental to Bio-AMD business networking. Being at Sci-Tech Daresbury has helped Bio-AMD secure significant local and international business and much needed funds to grow the business.”

“GLOBAL-365 PLC values its close working relationship with Sci-Tech Daresbury due to the following:
the office accommodation and meeting facilities are excellent, the proximity to STFC’s Hartree Centre is invaluable as we partner with them to develop new products, the introductions made by John Leake & Paul Treloar are frequent & always worth following up, networking opportunities at the monthly Business Breakfast Networking Events are nearly as good as the bacon butties; the on-site catering offers outstanding quality and value.”


Ambersail Ltd

“The facilities at Sci-Tech Daresbury are first class. The modern and well-maintained offices offer a fantastic working environment for our staff and business partners.  The site has a very strong business support team. Experienced and connected professionals that offer a wide range of training and networking events to really help your business move forward. I would recommend Sci-Tech Daresbury to both new and established businesses looking to grow and succeed.”

''Azinq recently moved to Sci-Tech Daresbury where we have been welcomed into an eco-system of business support and professionalism. They have a very proactive approach to networking, funding and business support. Having previously worked in businesses on the campus, it is no surprise their dedication and professional reach continues to grow. We look forward to growing our technical team from Daresbury and continuing on our journey with their support.''