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Car Sharing

Car Sharing Made Easy

  • Saving Money
  • Saving the Environment

Do you drive to work alone? Think about it … if you shared the ride with just one other person you could half the costs of your journey. Not only that, you would be helping to reduce the number of cars both on the road and in the car park, whilst also minimising your carbon footprint.

The struggle is sometimes finding somebody else to car share with, which is why we have set up the Sci-Tech Daresbury car share scheme.

The scheme, which is completely free to use, allows you to quickly and easily search for others commuting to the site who undertake a similar journey to yourself, and who you could potentially share a journey with.

Download the Car Sharing Guide here.

How do I register and use the scheme?

Registration is easy and takes just two minutes. Visit the website above and follow the simple registration process which collects some basic details such as where you travel from, to and at what time.

Don’t worry, all of your information is securely stored and not made available to the public. Only if you choose to further explore a lift share arrangement will your details be made available to that individual.

As part of the registration process you will be asked to provide a password that will allow you to register as a member of the Sci-Tech Daresbury private group. Please email to request this password.

Guaranteed Ride Home Scheme

Imagine a crisis has just occurred requiring an emergency meeting, and its 4:45pm in the afternoon. Unfortunately you are due to get a lift from Bob, who you would car share with, at 5:00pm. How do you get home?

Situations like the one above do crop up from time to time, so to support car sharers we have set up a Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) scheme.

GRH provides registered members of a car share ‘Budi group’ (contact us if you aren’t sure what this is) with a reliable ride home when one of life’s unexpected emergencies arises. Car sharers can use the free GRH benefit for emergencies and unscheduled overtime up to three times per year.

Of course terms and conditions apply, and you must be able to certify that you have encountered a genuine last minute emergency. For further details please download the GRH User Guidelines below.

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