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Travelling by Bus

Commencing 23rd January, a new bus service will come into campus. The X30 service, operated by Arriva and currently running along Chester Road (A56) will divert into campus during the morning and evening peak periods, connecting Sci-Tech Daresbury with Warrington Centre.

Here’s a summary of all the bus services available from Sci-Tech Daresbury:

X30 (commencing 23rd January)
Operated by Arriva

This service operates hourly between Chester and Warrington and will soon connect Sci-Tech Daresbury with Warrington in the morning and evening peak periods. The service offers 3 morning buses from Warrington Interchange, departing at 06:58, 08:00 and 09:00 to arrive on campus at 07:14, 08:16 and 09:16, respectively. Two evening services will operate from campus to Warrington Interchange, departing at 16:53 and 17:58 to arrive at 17:12 and 18:17, respectively.

View full timetable.

Operated by Arriva

This service offers a circular route between Widnes, Runcorn (including both train stations) and Sci-Tech Daresbury. Generally, there’s one service per hour with some additional peak period services.

View full timetable.

Operated by Warrington’s Own Buses

This service operated between Warrington and Widnes. There are two morning services from Warrington Interchange to campus, leaving at 07:10 and 09:10 and arriving on campus at 07:31 and 09:31. This service also provides one evening service towards Warrington Interchange, departing campus at 17:40 and arriving at the Interchange at 18:03.

View full timetable.

It’s always a good idea to plan your journey beforehand it’s really easy to do that using operator apps and websites. Apps allow you to plan your journey, buy and store tickets, see upcoming service changes and keep track of any disruptions on your route. Here are some apps we’d recommend for travelling in the local area by bus:

Warrington’s Touch and Go app

Arriva Bus app

UK Bus Checker app

Ticket Options

Two of the three bus services to campus are operated by Arriva – who now offer a discount for employees at Sci-Tech Daresbury. Using the Arriva Connect Smartcard you can access discounts on North West & Wales zone tickets, including flexi ticket bundles of 5, 10 or 20 days. Flexi ticket bundles are perfect if you aren’t travelling to work every day anymore, with the tickets staying on your card for up to a year. Using the Smartcard is simple, just buy your ticket on the website, load it to your card and tap on the bus when you board.

You can visit the Arriva website to find out more about the discount for people at Sci-Tech Daresbury and order your Smartcard today. Simply click here or email etcnww@arriva.co.uk.

Warrington’s Touch & Go app allows you to purchase and store tickets for journeys on their services too.

If you have any questions, would like the TravelHub team to plan your journey for you or would just like a friendly chat about the public transport options, please get in touch at travelhub@sci-techdaresbury.com