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Sci-Tech Daresbury and The Facilities Delivering Industry 4.0

Our rapidly changing world has to start somewhere – so why not here?

Digitalisation, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), artificial intelligence (AI), automation, 3D printing and advancements in medical science are just some of the ‘here and now’ technological advancements that are required to bring solutions to our fast-paced modern world.

At present, the UK is on ‘warp speed’, to deliver this technological revolution to not just rival the rest of the world but to be a leader in these, and many other, Industry 4.0 technologies.

The Industrial Strategy, which is closing in on its first anniversary, has laid down the parameters for change and the UK government has backed it with significant investment so this becomes reality.

But to enable this to happen, those businesses and sectors delivering this technological revolution also need a place to conduct those key experiments, a place to develop and test radical theories and a place that delivers the perfect environment to achieve this.

Sci-Tech Daresbury offers the perfect combination of all three and has done so for more than a decade, establishing a bold reputation in the UK and internationally for providing incredible research facilities.

Across the campus, we have a range of facilities that enable great research into Industry 4.0 technologies. Amongst those facilities on site enabling scientists, engineers and technologists to make a difference are:

These facilities are home to a significant number of leading businesses and start-ups, all seeking new ways to develop and exploit the technologies of the future. Each of the facilities bring a unique offering, be it tailored-lab space, digital engineering resources or high-performance computing capabilities.

Collectively, they offer hi-tech, hi-spec equipment, amongst the best available in the UK. Their individual pages highlight the full range, but here’s a precis of what they offer.

Campus Technology Hub is a purpose-built rapid prototyping centre, which allows collaboration between a range of stakeholders to deliver affordable solutions in a state-of-the-art environment. It negates the needs for companies to buy expensive tech which is on site and can be used for ‘proof of concept’ projects that could be anything from a month to two years. It has high-spec equipment including 3D printers and electronics testing equipment.

Innovations Technology Access Centre provides flexible access to laboratory space, “hot-labs” and analytical laboratory equipment that perfectly suits start-ups, SMEs or R&D teams from established companies. Used by across a range of sectors including biosciences, energy and space technology, it possesses £10 million of laboratory equipment to delivery results.

Hartree Centre is backed by circa £200 million of government funding that is accelerating the adoption of data-centric computing, big data and AI technologies. For businesses that are at the centre of developing high performance computing, data analytics and machine learning innovations then the Hartree Centre more than meets expectations. Working in collaboration with the likes of IBM, Atos and Intel, the centre is primed for application projects; software development; training and collaborative projects. Companies can also access funding for collaborative work through the LCR4.0 and Bridging for Innovators programmes.

Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) delivers innovative Digital Engineering solutions to industry. At its core it supports businesses working in advanced modelling and simulation; autonomous systems and robotics infrastructure; virtual test beds and immersive visualisation such as VR and AR. It possesses unique laboratories to assist with development in these areas as well offering key support to develop digital strategies. The VEC also has a lead role in supporting manufacturing businesses and SMEs in adopting Industry 4.0 technologies. Like the Hartree Centre, SMEs in the Liverpool City Region can access funding support through the LCR4.0 programme

To find out more about all the available facilities here at Sci-Tech Daresbury see our science facilities and our properties web pages.