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Why going back to the workplace could be good for you

Why going back to the workplace could be good for you

Thousands of you are slowly starting to return to offices, laboratories, and other places of work after working at home for months. If this is you, it’s understandable to have mixed feelings about it, as you contemplate commuting and all the other associated things that come with going out to work again.

However, going back to the office or wherever you’re based, could actually be good for you.

A change of scene

Simply having somewhere different to go can have a positive effect on you, especially after so long spent working remotely in kitchens, dining rooms and spare bedrooms. Equally, a noisy family or housemates sharing the same space as you can make it hard to concentrate on work, so going to somewhere quieter can be very beneficial for your overall wellbeing.

Improved working conditions

Workplaces have much better conditions for working in than domestic houses and flats because it’s what they’re designed for. They come equipped with everything you need to be productive at work and everyone is there for the same purpose.

Clearer structure to your days

Even if you’re the most disciplined person, working at home very rarely gives your days the same structure as when you’re in the office. You naturally have consistent start and finishing times at work and will usually take lunch breaks at approximately the same time while you’re there. Establishing and sticking to a regular work routine is often easier when you’re not at home.

Better mental health

Your mental health can really suffer if you’re alone or stuck somewhere with no outside area or a cramped room to work in. Many offices and workplaces also come with their own outside space or are set in areas where there’s lots of countryside or green space to enjoy.  Taking a walk at lunchtime or just sitting and relaxing in these spaces can do wonders for your mental health and wellbeing.

It’s good to talk

While technology allows us to communicate with people in all sorts of ways, there’s no substitute for face-to-face contact. Of course, we’re now living in a world where social distancing is really important, so you’ll have to catch up and talk to your colleagues from a safe distance.

Collaboration and teamwork

Much like the points mentioned above, it’s a lot easier to work together when you’re actually together. You can share ideas, discuss projects you’re working on and team up on jobs, which will boost creativity and improve how everyone feels.

Get used to the new normal

To most of you, it probably feels like an age since you were doing your job from anywhere but home. When it started, it might well have felt strange and taken a while to get used to. The same will happen when you return to your workplace. Things will be different for a while, while you adjust to the new way of working, but in the long run, it will feel like it’s always been like this.

So, as you can see, however long it takes, and whatever the changes are, going back to the workplace really could be good for you.

Note: Sci-Tech Daresbury has implemented new safe working protocols following recent government guidelines. This provides reassurance to companies onsite wanting to return to their workplace.