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Smarter Driving

There are some journeys and circumstances where driving might be the only option. For these there are smarter ways to drive, reducing costs and emissions, that we can help you consider…

Car Sharing

By sharing some or all of your journeys to Sci-Tech Daresbury you can half your fuel costs –  half price fuel!

We have our own great, user-friendly online car share scheme where you can quickly see if anyone else is going your way. It’s free and secure. You don’t have to share all the time or even drive. It is a private scheme so you can limit your search to other staff on campus or choose to widen it to a national database. You will need our password to register. Email travelhub@sci-techdaresbury.com to request it.

We even offer a guaranteed ride home should you experience an emergency and need to get home quickly or your driver does and you are left on campus. It is available to registered car share users in a confirmed car share arrangement up to three times a year.

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV) are increasingly becoming a real option for many and we have our own EV charging points on campus. Could your next car be a plug-in one?

There are three double charging units available on Campus, one in the visitors’ car park adjacent to Daresbury Laboratory, one at Vanguard House and one at Tech Space Two. All of the points are charged at £1.50/hour after the first two hours, with the idea being staff and visitors will use them to top-up charge and move on for the next user.

Simply email travelhub@sci-techdaresbury.com to register and download the Pod Point app to start using them.

You can download the user guide for the Daresbury Laboratory points HERE

You can download the user guide for Vanguard House and Tech Space points HERE

While EVs may be more expensive to buy or lease initially, the reduced running costs and exemptions mean whole-life costs can work out much lower. The government are even offering grants of up to £2,500 off the purchase price of new EVs under the price of £35,000. The number of EVs under £35,000 has increased by 50% since 2019 and more than half of all EVs on the market are eligible for the grant.

There is a huge amount of information and advice available to help you choose the best EV for your needs.

Find out more:

  • GoUltraLow.com Help and advice on everything from buying the right EV to estimating the cost of home charging.
  • Zap-map.com A map of charging points across the UK and vehicle guides